Questions on Purchasing New PC



Hello all, I have a few questions on a HP desktop I am planning on purchasing. I am a novice as far as computers go, and need some help. I am planning on using the desktop for moderate amounts of gaming, playing games like Battlefield 3 and Skyrim.

The model I am planning on getting is the HP Pavilion HPE h8-1330z Desktop

Will the graphic cards available be enough to play on high settings, or should I upgrade to 2gb?
I was planning on upgrading the PSU to 460w, would that be enough?
Are there any other desktops in a similar price range that are much better?

(My parents don't trust me with building a PC, so that is not an option.) :(

I'm going to direct you to CyberpowerPC. IMO, the next best thing to building it yourself. In fact, after going through all the options, you may just feel it's your build. The unit that I'm linking you to excedes the HP in every way as is... they will customize every aspect of it as you choose. They also have less expensive base models but I think this one is good as it is