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Question Questions on setting up RGB correctly for my build

Jun 16, 2020
Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

First off a snapshot of my build after adding the Deepcool RGB strips and 2 more Thermaltake fans to achieve a push/pull setup on my radiator. (I had 4 working with RGB before off of one header, daisy chained)

i7-8700 (non-k)
32GB RAM 2666mhz (4x8 RGB)
Gigabyte 2070 Super OC 8GB
ASUS ROG Strix Z-390E Gaming (RGB)
Fractal Designs Meshify S2 (built in fan controller, kinda <Mod Edit> but it works)
Corsair H115i (front mounted, RGB)
6 x Thermaltake Pure 14 (RGB 5v add_header [i think])
2x Deepcool RGB strips (daisy chained and plugged into one 12v header)
850w Rosewill Power supply

So my question is this. After adding the RGB strips and the extra two fans, the RGB on ALL of the Thermaltake fans doesn't work. Originally I had them all daisychained (for the RGB part). I figured maybe it was too much power draw and unplugged the extras and they're still not working.

I'm open to buying a fan/rgb controller combo (if it exists) if it will simplify this process.

Can anyone give me some guidance in regards to getting all my RGB lights to sync and operate through the same program? If I have to control the Corsair stuff separately that's fine, but the rest of the stuff I want to sync up utilizing Asus Aura.

Thanks in advance!
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If those fans don';t turn on even after disconnecting working ones they may be DOA. From my understanding there are RGB header splitter/hubs available that might work for you if you really are maxing out power on the header.
Jun 16, 2020
I'm thinking that's the case. I just ordered the Thermaltake RGB controller, for the moment until I can find a better solution. I'll report back. Still open to suggestions in general though.


Dec 4, 2019
Were the Thermaltake RGB connection 5 volt or 12 volt? What header did you plug them in to?

If the LED's required 5 volts they will likely get damaged when plugging them into a 12 volt header.
Jun 16, 2020

Turns out the RGB cable plugged into the header for the fans had come loose. Upon plugging it back in the all six fans would operate fine (RGB-wise) until about 10 seconds in, where only 1.5 of them would light up. I presume this is from lack of power, we'll see what the result is once the RGB controller comes in. For now, I have the RGB operating from the controllers supplied with the fans.
Jun 16, 2020
So it looks like I was looking for the wrong part. I'm not looking for a controller, I'm looking for a splitter (I don't need to control them independently). I've ordered the correct part and it should be here on Thursday.

At this point all 8 thermaltake fans are running on the included controllers.

Current RGB

12v header 1: Deepcool LED strip x2 (12v version)
12v header 2: Empty
5v add header: Deepcool LED strip x2 (5v version) daisy chained to my RGB GPU support.
H115i + 2 fans that come with it
Corsair PRO RGB RAM 32GB (just upgraded so it'll work with iCue)

I'll provide an update once I get the splitter in.