Question Questions Regarding LED Light Strips and Bias Lighting


Nov 4, 2010
Hey Guys,

I’ve recently read about the benefits of Bias Lighting and how it can help in reducing eye strains. I am really intrigued by this and wish to set it up for my 24 inch PC monitor and 2 60 inch TV we have at home. Although LED light strips are very new to me so I just have some questions regarding this, sincerely appreciate your help with this!

1. Since I’m buying it for 3 different components, will I be fine with just buying a super long LED strip and cutting it into 3 pieces? Or do I have to buy 3 separately?

2. Because the voltages here in Australia is different than what’s in the US, will I have any issue buying these ones from Amazon and plug it into Australian TV/monitor/USB/power sockets?

3. The two popular ones I found both mention they are very safe being 5V, is 5V generally better than the 12V ones which are more common? (I.E. less chance of breaking, setting on fire etc.)

4. Since I have multiple devices that need the LED light strips, is it better to buy ones that’s Bluetooth connected or remote controlled?

5. Are there any specific Bias Lighting modules you would recommend for long sessions in front of the computer, and also for watching TVs? Or are the ones I linked decent enough for the job?

Sorry if my questions sound silly haha, bias lighting generally sounds awesome and I’m really eager to learn more about this. Thanks for all your help with this!

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