Question Quick little fps drops across all games


Jun 9, 2018
I will be playing overwatch or doom eternal and will quickly get this little fps drop, It usually consistent at max but it's getting worse and I don't know what it is or why it's happening. I updated all my drivers and what no too. I run a GTX 1080, I7-7700k, 16gb corsair vengeance, And I've been playing on my HDD. Did anyone get any advice that might fix this?

Edit: also worth noting it only started happening when i hooked up my second monitor pf 144Hz, my only main is now my second and that one is 60Hz.
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What might have changed since all was well?

Run HWmonitor while gaming.
It will give you the current, minimum and max temperatures.
This is to check for the possibility of cpu throttling.
If you see a max of 100c. you have throttled.
If you see a minimum temperature much more than 10-15c, over ambient you cooler is likely loose or not mounted well.

Did you download your graphics driver directly from nvidia?
Other sites may include tracking malware.

If a game needs to load a graphics texture, it will do so some 40x faster from a SSD than a HDD.
If you do not yet run all off of a ssd, particularly windows, I urge you to find a way.
A ssd is one of the most satisfying performance upgrades you can make