Quick noob question, Which parts need warranty?


Dec 27, 2010
Hey guys, so im coming up to my first build

I have the parts pretty much sorted but the problem is some of them are from ebay (very cheap for what they are) especially the mobo cpu and ram which come in a bundle, these parts don't have warranty so should I be worried?

I considered buying some parts like hdd and psu from ebuyer as they have a year warranty on everything, right?

Overall what do you think i should have a warranty for? should i trust ebay? do ebuyer have automatic year warranties?

the two bundles im considering are


Dec 18, 2012
Personally, I would never buy parts from eBay unless it's from a long-time PROVEN seller, with a high rating. Many sellers list items as brand new but they are used (or even defective). Many people can get their hands on a shrink wrap machine and box items as new. I have inquired about items (non computer items) and eventually get the truth out of the seller that "I only used it a short amount of time", but they box it up and sell it as brand new.

If the seller has a low number of ratings, and/or a low percentage rating, then do not deal with that seller. Is it worth the hassle of saving a small amount of money? I'd say no.
They look like registered business's so as far as I'm aware they have to give you a 1 year warranty on non consumable/non software electronics whether they say so or not. Also with distance selling regulations, you can return it for any reason (usually within the first 30 days) anyway. (At your cost in terms of delivery.)

This is just all to the best of my knowledge though so I'd just double check it all to make sure.