Quick PSU fan placement question


May 29, 2009
I believe all you have to do is turn the PSU over and the fan will be on the bottom, like a normal ATX PSU. Check the screw positioning on your case and I believe you will find that it will only actually fit in your case with the fan on the bottom.

<edit> just checked out the case- looks like it will fit the PSU either way, but in any case, that PSU should work- just flip it over:)


Feb 16, 2010
It is not that the fan is facing up, it is just that the PSU laid down on its flat side for the picture. Look at the screw holes on the PSU in the pic, then look at the placement of screws holding the one in your case and imagine how they go together
Modern atx power supplies are designed so they can be mounted with the fan on top or the fan on the bottom of the psu. The screw holes on an atx case will match the screw holes on the psu either way. With your pc case install the psu with the fan on the bottom.

There is another problem. Coolermaster power supplies are not stellar performers.
You might want to consider a high quality power supply.

Corsair and Seasonic are two of the brands that have a reputation for high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are reliable, stable, and come with a 5 year warranty. Some of the newer models come with a 7 year warranty. Lately we've been seeing a few other brands offering some high quality units. One example would be the Antec Earthwatts series which is a major improvement over Antec’s older psu’s like the Basiq models.
jsc - The Antec Earthwatts 500 would be a better choice if the price is only a few dollars more. When that technical review was published last August the price difference was less than $10.00.

It also looks like there might have been some changes. The new Earthwatts model is designated as the Antec EarthWatts Green EA-500D

Current prices at newegg.com:

Antec Basiq BP500U - $49.27 plus $9.65 shipping = $58.92

Antec EarthWatts Green EA-500D $59.99 and shipping is free.