Quick question about parts of my computer and gaming


Dec 27, 2011
Okay I just want to know if with these parts would I be able to play most modern games at mid/high settings.

GPU: AMD radeon 6670 1gig
Processor: AMD Phenom Quad Core 9500 2.2ghz
Ram: 6 Gigs of ram.


Apr 27, 2012
It does depend on the game and what you call modern. Generally speaking I would say you would be lucky to get 'medium'. Your graphics card will probably meet the minimum spec to play most games but that only means 'low' settings.



that cpu is pretty weak as far as gaming goes. but it can be over clocked if i remember rite. im sure a mate had his up to 2.8 with a 9500a led zalman cooler. his max temp was 56'c ish on a warm day. you really do need to get up to a minimum 2.6 for an amd cpu to be comparable to an intel socket 775 cpu at 2.4 which is the recommended minimum gaming speed cpu basline.

the gpu is dx11 compatable but doesnt have the raw grunt to run dx11 games.
basically if you cant get 30 fps minimum on crysis your card doesnt have enough grunt to run a dx11 based game. it will play games that has dx11 on as an after thought like dirt 3 or stalker C.O.P. but bf3 frostbite engine will crumple your card..