Quick question about the ASUS 7950


Dec 29, 2012
Hi guys I may have messed up, just want to know how much.

Building a new rig next week, purchased all my parts off scan and now after reviewing my order I could of bought the wrong GPU.

One I bought: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/3gb-asus-radeon-hd-7950-directcu-ii-5000mhz-gddr5-800mhz-1792-cores-dl-dvi-i-hdmi-2x-mini-dp

One I think I should of bought:

As it can be seen the GPU I have purchased has a core clock speed of 800mhz where as the other has 900mhz. And the One is 257, the other is 239.

Advice on what to do next is very appriciated.


what seems obvious in your case is that you have purchased the "normal" edition of the hd 7950 when you could have purchased the "top"edition (oc version) of the card for a little less money.

although performance wise you wont loose a lot and you can easily overclock your card to that speeds,but if there is any way to exchange the cards you would gain a lot.

it is in fact strange that scan had priced the cards in that manner.
try to get in contact with scan and see if an exchange might be possible in any way.
or else you have to rely on just overclocking your card.

"more price does not always mean better performance"

i m really sorry for you