Quick question about updating Nvidia driver


Jun 30, 2012
Hi. It's time for me to update the driver for my Nvidia GT 420m on my Acer Aspire 5742G laptop. I have updated drivers before but I previously didn't uninstall the older version before installing a new one (because I didn't know you have to, and luckily it didn't cause any problems). I know I should uninstall the Nvidia graphics driver from Programs and Features. But there are also other Nvidia softwares that came with the previous driver installer on the list:


Do I have to uninstall all those or just the Graphics Driver? Also is the Nvidia uninstaller clean? (i.e. do I have to remove folders and edit registry manually?)



Jan 10, 2013
I think you can safely uninstall the graphic driver only, since many newer driver package update usually only adds minor bug fixes or other issue. Though the Graphic's features packages may also be revise, it rarely affect much to it's performance.

In case you do remove it (old driver packages) entirely, you'll want to install the newer driver packages completely.
Hello... IF you computer is running fine with current VIDEO, Please... why would you want to do any update? " If it ain't broken... DON'T try to fix it!!!"

My current driver is 275.33 5-20-11... and not any Video problems with current or past software.

I would recomend un-installing the 3-D vision driver, and the Phys X software using that screen you have open... for hardrive space.

The Passmark rating of your GPU is 563... there is no noticeable performance gain you will experience with a newer driver.