Question Quick Question about VRR


Oct 23, 2018
With my new GPU I'm trying to get VRR to work. I've been having issues where at random my screen goes black for a second or two and then goes back to normal. I'm also experiencing some minor flickering of the screen. This only happens when I turn VRR on in my AMD options. M<y monitor is fully freesync capable (Acer ed273), power supply is not the issue either.

My main concern came when I turned on the display of refresh rate in my monitor. I tested on several games and on games where I could hold (or the game would allow) more than 144 fps the refresh rate number would be stable above that. However, on games where my fps would be below 144 the refresh rate would jump significantly more than my frames and my flicker and black screen problems were exacerbated . The most cureious part would be games that locked my fps below the 144. playing several games where the fps were locked to 120 and I could maintain that stable according to my fps counter my refresh rate number would be constantly jumping all over the place between 90-130.

Now this might be normal behavior that I'm unaware of since I'm not versed in all of this but could there be a problem with my monitor/gpu?