Quick question...Asus MoBo / Raid 0 SSD's


Feb 5, 2014
I'm about to replace my motherboard with an Asus Z97-AR and plan on running Windows 8 off of 2 Samsung 840 EVO SSDs in Raid 0. I also run 3 mechanical drives in my system.

My question is "Will my mechanical drives function the same as they always have or will the SATA settings cause problems?" I guess I'm thinking the motherboard will attempt to put all 5 drives in the raid array, but I only want the 2 SSD's together then the rest of the drives to function as standard storage.

As you can tell this is my first time setting up Raid so I'm a bit green. If there's a chance the other drives would get screwed up I'd rather not attempt it at all.

Thanks guys!

Yes, your drives will function as always.

AHCI mode is a subset of RAID mode. Any drive that is connected to SATA port in RAID mode will automatically default to AHCI mode if the drive is not part of an actual RAID array.

So any CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive or HDD connected to a SATA port in RAID mode will be ok.


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