Question QuickCPU & Throttlestop Question


Mar 26, 2021
So I have QuickCPU mainly just to un-park cores and set the basic sliders you see when you open the application.

My main use is throttlestop to undervolt and make adjustments to how CPU frequency changes along with turbo boost. I don't plan on switching to just QuickCPU because I've adjusted to throttlestop and find it much easier to use.

Yes, both these applications are deemed "unnecessary" but I find them very useful in reducing temperatures on my CPU while optimizing for performance since I'm using a laptop. I have already re-pasted the GPU/CPU properly and dusted out my fans from the inside.

I'm also pretty sure QuickCPU doesn't apply certain settings on startup compared to how easy you can set up throttlestop to run on task scheduler. Even if that's not true, I'm sticking with throttlestop :p

However, I was checking some settings in QuickCPU and a lot of them were unfamiliar to me and made me think I was losing out on something. Settings such as the Performance / Energy Policy slider for example:

By default it's set to 0%, saving as much energy as possible. The description I searched up for it wasn't very clear on what it does, can anyone explain? Does it really have any impact on performance/temperatures?

Are there any default settings in general that I should be adjusting in QuickCPU or can I leave them all alone and forget about it?