QuickQuestion bout Powercolor 9600xt


Aug 19, 2002
Hey hey

My FIC 9700np has decided to die. So I'm looking at a cheap 9600xt to get me through till I upgrade my whole system this summer. Newegg has a Powercolor 9600xt ($158) that claims the memory speed is 680mhz. Every other 9600xt has mem speed of 600mhz. Can anyone confirm Powercolor's memory speed for me? Thanks

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The Radeon 9600XT is a great deal, don't waste your money on anything less right now. Step up to a Radeon 9800 pro for $213 if you want more speed.

I wouldn't trust PowerColor. For the same price you can have a Connect3D R9600XT with HL2 coupon from GameVE, or buy a retail Saphire or Gigabyte for cheaper but without HL2. I'd trust ATI, Saphire, or Gigabyte way more than PowerColor. Their EZ 9600 Pro just ticks me off.

That said, I wouldn't doubt Power Color putting out a higher speed memory card although 680 sounds pushing it, but I bet the mem is just overclocked to it's max (or beyond :wink: )which the others can match anyway. Say no to PC

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Sep 24, 2003
My Powercolour R9600Pro Bravo is clocked at 400mhz Core/680mhz Memory factory default. Overclocked it to 500/700, (previous was 480/680). No problems.

I dont really recommend Powercolour but i think it is not as bad as before. Lots of people had bad experiences with their powercolour cards but mine works furfectly.

I bought mine coz of the stupid BRAVO thingy and it was the most expensive of all the manufacturers (even more than hercules) during the time i bought the card in singapore. (it included Tomb raider : AOD)

Well, try to find other manufacturers like Asus or Gigabyte. Lots of good reviews. Oh yeah and avoid Gexcube, though its the best selling card now in singapore (their R9600XT 128mb Extreme is selling like hotcakes over here.)

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Jan 20, 2004
I just sold my powercolor 9600Xt for the following reasons, they built it on a 9600 pro board using O/C chip and ram, the thermal diode and circitry is missing ( no AtI overdrive). Only their new BRAVO 9600XT is a true 9600 XT. They lied on the box about the card, and on the webpage as to overdrive compatability, which, without the thermal diode will not work. I assumed that if they built it on a different board, use dif chips and ram, and left out some of the circitry then I guessed that they prob did some other cheap and nasty things to the card to get it on the shelves, at the cheapest possible price until the average gamer found out about it and shunned them.

9600 XT is a great card, but no from them....

and don't ever think about tech support, or an e-mail reply.


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