Quiet but powerful PCs


Jan 23, 2010
The next PC I get I want to be quiet. The one I have now is powerful but very noisy.

I want at least an Intel i5 running at, at least 2.6 GHz, at least 3 GB of at least DDR2 memory, at least a 500 GB SATA HD, and a discrete video card (preferably nViIDIA). I'm not a gamer so the video card doesn't need to be top of the line. I also want at least 10/100/1000 Ethernet. It can be integrated. But, and this is big but, but I also need to have all this cheap, under $800.

I don't even know know if a PC like this can run quiet, with all the fans needed. I don't want the high price and hassle of a liquid cooled system. But I think they are working on fans that make less noise than in previous times. Can somebody please tell me if someone advertises quiet machines.

All you need on your present system is an rpm adjuster for the cpu heatsink or all your case fans. The fan consoles start at $12.99 plus shipping at newegg. You can also go into your bios and check the hardware monitor section for fan controls. I use lower numbers to reduce the fan rpms. My cpu fan runs at 1400-2500, depending on the temp. I set my trigger temp at 50c and the fan % rpm at 12.5. Every bios is a little different, and oem systems by dell, etc, may not have these adjustments. Just use the "del" key while posting to check your bios settings. If you're not sure, don't change anything, or your system may not post.