Question Quiet case that won't turn my build into a toaster?

Jan 5, 2023
I'm building a PC and was pondering between a few different cases. The components are:

CPU 13600k
GPU nitro+ 6650xt
DDR5 fury beast 5600 cl40
MB Gigabyte z690
CPU cooler 120se
SSD M.2 kc3000

My main goal is to have a relatively quiet build, while having enough airflow and keeping components cool (not using AIO or liquid cooling). I don't care about tempered glass at all, ideally blocked off with a regular case wall. Not planning to overclock.

The contenders are:

noise dBatemperature
Cases:idleaverageloadcpu loadgpu loadprice
Fractal Design Define S23134.57559168
FD define r628.331.44455165
FD define 733.7405748172
pop air white3947.8647495
nzxt h7 flow3442406861137
be quiet! Silent Base 601 500rpm28.730.632.56554152
be quiet! Silent Base 601 1000rpm28.731.133.56349
FD torrent compact35.246.841.76763162
antec p12033.637.782.180.3140

I tried to make sense of the different noise levels/thermals from different reviews from tomshardware/techpowerup/guru3D (but probably different methodologies it's like comparing apples to oranges).

Initially I was leaning towards the look of pop air, but then it seems many reviews complain about the noise, so I guess that one is out of the battle.

Any personal experiences or recommendations re: the cases above? One that has a sweetspot between low noise and good temps?



How close would the system be to your operating area? Perhaps I should how far the build will be from you and where the build will be placed, above the desk or under it? The Torrent gets my vote, then again you said quiet, which makes me wonder which other cases to go for since noise is perceived differently by different people(there are folks who can hear the ticking of a case fan's motor while some won't pay attention to it).

Sound dampened panels will aid to the silence and if you decide to swap the fans out that come bundled with the case, then there's Noctua or Be Quiet! to handle that arena. All cases are stellar however the NZXT option might be noisier when compared to the rest, IMHO!


Jul 27, 2016
Go with a 13600 (NO K ) that will lower your heat a lot!!!

Be quite 601 is a great quite case. I have one, but it will be hotter than other cases.

I think the pop air or torrent are great cases. (or even meshify C)
Aug 2, 2022
Kinda funny. Before we started having really hot summers here in WA, I never thought about this question.
Now it is my PC that turns my room into a heater in summer.
I recommend watercooling first. And no overclocking.