Quiet heat-sink for AMD FX-4100?


May 22, 2012
Quiet heat-sink for AMD FX-4100?

(Please don't yell at me for this, I truly don't think this CPU is bad at all, runs BF and Diablo like a charm) Ok, my Stock cooler. I'd say it gets around 10-50 (I really don't know how to measure this, but i can tell from fan packages :D )db while the CPU is under pressure. After I close a game, my CPU is on fire for the next 20 minutes, and so the heat-sink runs at the fastest for about 2+ hours. The only time I have on the 'puter is at night, before I go to bed, and I have to listen to that thing :( (Desk is in room, small apt etc). Can the community help me find a Non-Stock, quiet, cool and efficient heat-sink for my AMD FX-4100?

Oh, I have a MID-Tower case, including a big-ass R6970 HD which just about splits the case in half from the top and bottom.

My specs:

Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P

AMD FX-4100 @ Stock Clock

XFX Radeon 6970 (Which is also loud af)

8GB 1600 MHz

Some thermaltake mid tower case with an AMD logo on it...

650 Watt psu (Soon to upgrade to 800, looking to crossfire...)

4 120mm red led case fans

Will give links if needed.