Qustion regarding building a new comp.


Feb 12, 2008
k so i ordered all the parts on neweegg except for a harddrive, since i am gonna be using the one i had on my previous comp (too much info, dont want to buy a new harddrive and reinstall everything, gona take days). so my question is, after i put my harddrive into the my newly built comp, will windows xp load fine, even though the bios is gonna be wrong? How will i be able to install the new bios? When i update to the new bios, will the old bios be completely gone, or do i have to manually remove it?

also, does any1 kno how much thermal paste to apply to the mobo? i dont want to add to little or add too much.


May 10, 2009
How To Correctly Apply Thermal Grease

You mobo will have a BIOS preinstalled. If there has been an updated version since it's release, only upgrade (flash) if there is something CRITICAL in the update that you have to have. Otherwise, your old HDD should boot up with the new parts, then run driversweeper and download new drivers.


Apr 19, 2004
Zukzuk... You are likely going to end up reinstalling windows.

A lot if not all of your drivers will be wrong for the new MB,Sound,Video,Ethernet, and everything else.

If I were you I would burn my data to disk or transfer to an external drive or something like that... and do a fresh install of Windows.


Taking the HD out of one computer, putting it in another computer, and having it successfully boot is very rare. If it does somehow work you will end up with compatibility issues causes by the old drivers on the drive. The compatibility issues can run as deep as the OS registry.