r5 1400 with a gtx 1070 or an r5 1600 with an rx 470

Aug 23, 2014
Should I buy an r5 1400 with a gtx 1070 or an r5 1600 with an rx 470 for playing games at 1080p.
I plan to do some content creation but I guess the 4 core 8 thread cpu should suffice.I plan to overclock them but I cant buy an aftermarket cooler and I will use the stock cooler.How much can I expect with the stock cooler


if you can afford it, the r5 1600 with a gtx 1070 sounds like a great machine to be used for 2 or 3 years minimum

the 470 is alot slower than the 1070

the r5 1400 has less cores and threads, it is great but 1600 is alot better, especially for multitasking, streaming, recording, all that


Apr 8, 2007
The second option is a better choice. Here are the reasons why:
1) It is 1080p, so RX470 is fast enough for it. Also, you can probably get RX570, which is about to be released, and will get a bit of a boost.
2) Processors advance much slower than GPUs (except the jumps like R5 1600 is), so it is more cost efficient to get faster CPU once, and upgrade only the GPU.
3) Wraith Stealth cooler on R5 1400 is a bit weak, and CPU gets too hot for everyday use even on 3.8Ghz OC. I'd recommend 1500X (with Wraith Spire included)- but R5 1600 is just €30 more, making it the best choice.

I would go in the middle since gaming is involved a R5 1500X paired with a GTX 1060 or RX 480 card.
Use the stock cooler at stock speeds overclock when you can buy a new cooler.