R5 1600 and gtx 1060 6gb enough for 1080p60 ultra for next 3 years


Jan 16, 2017
Hi I'm going to start.youtubr channel and I'm going to build my first ever. So I'm confused I want 1080p60 on ultra if u have suggestion plz tell
for 3 years! maybe. The combo for the moment is excellent at those settings. and will max nearly every game out there at a steady 60fps. But there are one or two that it doesn't. You may have to dial back settings a little to keep up the 60fps. But that doesn't mean changing the ultra/high preset, but rather having to turn down AA, AF post processing etc, as they can hog FPS.

I've a Ryzen 1600x and the same GPU. It plays everything I throw at it at 1080p 60hz. That includes BF1, Project Cars, Grid Auto, COD franchise etc. There's even a little more headroom. But I wouldn't think the 1060 will last me 3 years. I suspect Ill have upgraded then as games become more demanding.