R5 1600 or GTX 1060 (or maybe 1070) upgrade?


Mar 18, 2016
Before we start, I would like to apologise for my wall of text :ouch:


I have decided, if I get a new CPU that it is going to be the Ryzen 5 1600, and for the GPU, probably the GTX 1060 (or maybe 1070?).

I currently have a FX 8350 which is now 4 years old, running at 4.2Ghz (It won't overclock if its life depended on it. It gets very toasty in Summer in Australia with my nh-u12s, and I lost the silicon lottery) with 16gb of ram (3 years old [Had 32 for a while, gave the original ram to my sister], powered by a Cooler Master Thunder 600w (also 4 years old). I have a 500gb 850 evo, so no slouch in that department [Only 2 months old]. For the GPU, I currently have a GTX 960 4GB (3 Years old, gave the original GTX 750, she although needs no more than integrated).

I have a 2560x1080 75hz monitor.
I mostly play Elite: Dangerous (The games shaders are going to be overhauled, and planets are going to be much more detailed), and Forza Horizon 3 (45-65fps on MEDIUM) (and sometimes motorsport 6, I get around 50fps on HIGH). In Forza Horizon 3 multiplayer, the GPU usage jumps around from hitting 99%, going down to 70%, with cpu usage going up to 70% aswell.
Elite Dangerous on the other hand, runs very well in some areas where very little is to render, but on planets I have recently needed to drop to medium settings from high to achieve 60fps+.
On Forza Motorsport, I get HIGHER framerate on High (50fps) vs Medium (40fps)...

So, the question is, should I upgrade my GPU or my CPU?
I am to believe the GTX 1070 will 'bottleneck' my CPU, but I can think of that as a extra bonus I have when I upgrade the CPU.
I am looking for, which one will give me the LARGEST performance increase?

P.S. I also occasionally edit videos in premiere and use handbrake to decrease file sizes, decode, encode and to change codecs if necessary.

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