Question R5 1600 with 2060S or Radeon 5700


Jul 30, 2017

So Im confused between two GPUS for my PC.
Note: I will game in 1080p 60hz, maybe even 144hz.

I just want to get the full performance out of the GPU using my CPU.
Which gpu is better for me, and will not have a bottleneck while still getting highest FPS.
I have 16 gigs of ram trident Z and an X370 motherboard.

I just want to get the best performance, both GPUS in my country is $350.
I prefer the 2060S because I dont think it will bottleneck and also give me other features like DLSS and RTX.
Although if the RX 5700 is also not going to botteneck and give me a considerably higher performance than the 2060S then I'll go with it.

Thanks for your help!


May 4, 2016
Both are good cards. Whichever is cheaper and got the better warranty. As for bottleneck, well, there will always be bottleneck. There's always a CPU that calculates data faster than a GPU can process, or vice versa. For your target of 60-144Hz, you will get your performance perfectly. For 144Hz, with r5 2600, you will see a few fps bump, and with 3600, a few more.
SaIadass Just to be clear, are you talking about the RX 5700 or 5700 XT. If the non-XT, then the RTX 2060 Super is the card to buy, if you're strictly comparing gaming performance. However, if you're considering the XT model, then it should generally be faster than the 2060 Super, by about a 6 - 8% average; depending on the game.

Where I live, in the US, the RX 5700 XT and RTX 2060 Super are about the same price. The non-XT is an entire pricing tier lower.

Side question: Are you planning on Twitch streaming? And if so, are you planing on using your graphics card for encoding, and not your CPU? If so, then definitely get the RTX 2060 Super, as I've read that AMD GPU encoding is absolutely dismal, although I haven't personally tried it with a AMD card.