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Question r5 2600x 50c idle and 70-80c while gaming

Dec 22, 2019
Okay so I just built this pc on sunday, the specs are

R5 2600X, MSI GAMING Z RTX 2060, Coolermaster q300l, asrock b450m steel legend , 1x8 ram 3000mhz (one stick DOA so im running 8 for now) and a 650w corsair 80+ gold psu.

I noticed my temps were around 50c while having nothing open and the only game I can download rn (slow internet) is csgo and im noticing that im getting below 144fps on even low settings, my gpu stuck around 50% at 60c (expected I think cus csgo mainly uses CPU) but my CPU was at 30% and 70-80c. I was using msi afterburner to check the ingame temps and
HWinfo and Aida 64 for my idle temp readings.

Think its a thermal paste issue? when building I put the cooler on and then had to take it off and thermal paste was already smeared onto the cpu but i though it wasnt an issue as I placed it in the same place. if so can I install the cooler again and put new thermal paste without having to take the mobo out.


2 things here.
1)EVERY time you separate the cpu cooler from the cpu you need to remove the old paste and apply new, otherwise you will have created air pockets, which will increase the temps.

2)Is the Masteroven Q300L you have. That front panel isn't as airflow-friendly as it appears and is adding to your temp issue.


Re-apply new paste. Also check the voltage your mobo is giving to the cpu. If you haven't already, check for bios updates. Some motherboards were overvolting these cpus in previous bios. You may need to update bios or manually bring the core voltage down.