Question R7 1700 how to minimize bottleneck?


Nov 28, 2021
I know its 1st gen ryzen NOT great in gaming , already mild overclock to 3.8GHz

However in benchmarks at 1440p/4k graphics intensive games, it doesnt fall too behind from mordern cpus

So is it best to go high resolution, high graphics setting and targeting below 100fps or even 80fps?


I am rather surprised that you can relate performance as acceptable in 2K and 4K with a 970.

As you increase resolution you offset a bit of the performance to the GPU. A lot of "reviewers" would suggest that the 1700 isn't ideal for 1080p gaming, but does fine in 2K with an appropriate GPU.
In my own instance I used a 1700 and GTX 1080 combo on a TV set at 1080/120 and saw ~75FPS for most games at high settings. When I connected that same rig to my 2K monitor with minor adjustments to the quality it would run between 75-85 in most games.


Yes i will be upgrading gpu when its available, meanwhile i could enjoy 4k movies rather than getting and dumping a 1080p monitor.
I think getting a overspec monitor earlier wont hurt in any way

Ah, well yes as far as viewing movies even so far down as a 750ti will resolve and play 4K/60. I was of the impression by your posting that the topic was gaming performance.

Given the timeframe that many people keep monitors outside failure, buying something targeting now as well as the future is a good idea. I bought my TV based on this exact premise in that I wanted a new 4K TV, but also wanted lower latency and high(er) frame 1080 performance from it. This way I can hog the living room while I deal with insurgents. (lol)
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