Question R7 260X 2gb gradual failure.

Aug 28, 2020
I purchased a used AMD A series computer. It came with a PowerColor R7 260X 2gb graphics card. I connected it using HDMI and it worked well for almost 8 months. Then HDMI quit. I shifted to using the DVI output and it was fine for several months. Then I went in and fired up the system and no video through the card. Video via VGA on t he motherboard was fine until a cap went bad. I did notice that the video cord put very heavy pressure on the HDMI port on the card, flexing it downward. THere was also pressure on the DIV though not as bad. Could this flex have weakened the soldered connections on the card? I so would it be worth trying to reflow the connections.

Since we are in the tropics here, corrosion is a problem regardless of location. The mounting plate and the output connections are very rough. I noticed the contact pins on the slot were also very grimy. I have cleaned them but I wanted to see if there was any thoughts on the sequence of failure before I plug it in.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any ideas.