Question R7 370 ASUS problem


Jan 25, 2014
So my frend have Asus strix r7 370 for 3 years in his pc but he has some strange problems that we could not fix.
I have to mention that he had faulty psu CoolerMaster B700W,his pc would shut down after some time (gaming) but he kept using it for at least 3/4 months.He bought the psu and the gpu from the same store and his psu was changed with CM G550M and after 5 month his gpu started to behave strange but hes warranty for gpu is over and the store dont want to fix it.

One day his pc froze and after restart he only gets logo from his MSI Motherboad and windows loading and after that there is usually black screen,or windows logo appears to load or in rare cases you can get to desktop but than it will freze after some time.Once i tried installing the latest driver from amd but it got stuck at middle and there was some error.Reinstalling fresh OS did not help either.
In safe mode it boots without any problems and in device manager you can see that system is recognizing the card.
I have changed the thermal paste,card is well kept and cleaned.
My frend pc:
i3 3240
Msi H61m p31
4gb ram
1tb hdd

Im trying now the card in my pc and i was able to boot in second time after black screen in windows.The card is not recognized in device manager (Microsoft basic display adapter) but i havent tried installing drivers yet.

Will flashing new bios help or is this card dying ?

thx sorry for bad english