R9 280x vs 290 in QHD, will it be a huge difference?


Nov 28, 2012
My previous system was
AMD Phenom II X4 980 Deneb O.C to 4.1GHz
PC3-12800 8G
GTX 550Ti 1G
1600*900 20" monitor

In a few months, I'll buy a QHD 27" monitor for around $280. I certainly doubt that 550Ti will work fine even after changing the monitor, so I'm planning to buy a new card.

I have 2 choices since my budget limit is around $300. I don't expect full or even high options, Medium option on 50~60 fps will be fine for me.

a. go for the R9 280x used for bitcoin and lightcoin mining. It will be around $200 for a used card. But somehow worried about the stability of card since it's been exhausted for almost half a year. can save some money.

b. I have a lot of 120mm fans in my case. So I think it will cover up the noise of the R9 290 Reference cooler. So buy used 290( not bitcoin miners) for around $280~310.

Would going to 290 with some extra money worth it? If there is no big difference, I will go to the 280x.

p.s would 600 watt power supply be fine for the system written above with 290 in it?



May 1, 2014
There are a few things you should be concerned about. 1. The AMD r9 200 series cards run very very hot. I have a R9 290 myself, and if you would like to get one, I recommend none other than the sapphire and xfx versions. These brands make the best heat sinks and cooler fans for their GPUs. The power draw on the new 280X and the R9 290 is a little big. They both require a 750w Power supply.

Between your two options, I would recommend getting the R9 290 way more than getting a used 280x. There could "potentially" be countless problems you could run into with a used card that was used for such an intensive purpose down the road.

Could the 600w PSU work with the system? Eh, some people will say you can pull it off. It all depends on the brand, and its power outputs. Me myself, would never recommend what isn't recommended. I would rather be safe than sorry.

Here is an example of where you can check out the recommend specs/PSU for the 280x and R9 290 of the brands I recommended to you:



Good luck


Feb 6, 2014
The r9 290 is a much better performer than the 280x. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/1068?vs=1041

If you plan on going higher than 1080p resolutions, you will see a big difference. If you plan on keeping setting down a bit, the 280x will be fine. But you can find deals on the 290, good brands are going for $340-$360 sales, so keep an eye out. I don't think the sapphire is worth the cost increase. My Windforce runs at 70-80C (with heavy load) while overclocked, but those are very safe temps for this GPU.

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