R9 280x with 650w PSU?, its heating alot

Apr 27, 2018
hi, so my uncle gave me a new computer for my birthday and its a pretty good midrang pc, here are the specs:
CPU: i5-4430 @3.00GHz
GPU: Saphhire Dual-x R9 280x
RAM: 8GB @ 1600MHz
HDD: 2 5200rpm
PSU: CoolerMaster GXII 650w
and the case gets really hot, i dont know what brand it is but it has a "Pc." logo on the front.also the pwoersupply gets really hot, but i used a pwer calculator and it said that i needs 526w on load. is there anything i can do to prevent that heating, im afraid that somthig will fry.
Pics of the case , internal & external would help.

To me personally it sounds simply like a case airflow problem.

Are there any case fans fitted, if so what configuration.?

That PC won't pull more than 400w fully stressed , the psu is more than enough wattage wise