R9 380 4G Triple monitor troubles (2 Ultrawides and 1 4K)

Sep 12, 2018
So I seem to have run into an issue with my chosen monitor setup. I assumed I could just use some adapter cables to get all of my screens hooked up, but I am unable to get the resolutions I want. I was led to believe that my current graphics card could drive 1 ea. 2560x1080 screens from each DVI port and a third 4096x2160 screen from HDMI or DP. I tried to use some 10ft. DVI to HDMI Cables from Amazon to connect to the two LG wide screens @ 2560x1080, but they would only output 1920x1080.

Here is my equipment:

Graphics Card - MSI R9 380 GAMING 4G (1 ea. Dual Link DVI-I, 1 ea. Dual Link DVI-D, 1 ea. HDMI 1.4a, 1 ea. DP 1.2)

Monitor 1 - LG 29" Ultrawide Monitor (1 ea. HDMI 1.4, 1 ea. USB-Type C)

Monitor 2 - LG 29" Ultrawide Monitor (1 ea. HDMI 1.4, 1 ea. USB-Type C)

Future Screen 3 - TCL 43" 4K TV (3 ea. HDMI 2.0)

Here is how I want the screen resolutions configured:

Monitor 1 - 2560x1080 @ 60Hz ( with a 6ft cable)

Monitor 2 - 2560x1080 @ 60Hz (with a 10ft cable)

Future Screen 3 - 3840x2160 @ 60Hz (with a 15ft cable)

The two ultrawides will be used for everyday purposes. I draw a lot of electrical schematics so the 21:9 is ideal for that reason. The 4K screen will be used to host reference drawings and be my primary gaming screen gaming.

What is the most cost effective solution for me? Buy the correct cables? Buy the correct adapters? New graphics card? Combination of 2 or more?

You might be trying to setup resolutions not supported
Use the DVIs connections for the 2560x1080 displays. DVI to HDMI would work.
To drive a 4k screen you should use the DisplaPort. DP to to HDMI would work.

I suggest you do a little bit of research on hardware compability and setup before taking a dive.
Specially when buying monitors to be attached to a PC GPU, you should get displays with more than one type of connection (HDMI/DVI or DVI/DP or HDMI/DP)

You need to know which resolution and refresh rate is supported by each connection.

HDMI 1.4 version supports 4K but only at 30Hz
The latest HDMI 2.0 version, supported by some devices, could run 4k at 60Hz by it requires a Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable.

DP 1.2 could support 4k (3840 x 2160) at a refresh rate of 60Hz but it supports 4K (4096 x 2160) at only 30Hz (24Hz effective)
Sep 12, 2018

I already own the monitors, I just need to make it work. I assumed all monitors would be fine with just HDMI, but it is too late to send them back now. As stated, using the DVI-HDMI cables, I am only able to get 1920x1080. So I am either missing something configuration wise or need some special adapter/cable I cant seem to find.
First check the AMD Radeon setting for each monitor to see if you can adjust the resolution manually.
The available resolution displayed is determined by the specific ports of the monitor and the cables or adapters your're using.
Under the Display tab, you could enter a custom resolution and refresh rate. If it doesn't work then your cable might not be able to provide the bandwidth for that resolution.
You might need a Dual-link DVI to HDMI cable or adapter and make sure it does support the resolution of your display.
A DP to HDMI will also work but you need to read the description, since some cables only support 1080P @ 60Hz

This Benfei Displayport to HDMI Cable appears to support your resolution but many other listed do not.
You could use the HDMI port to connect the TV.
I know that you need a Dual-Link DVI to drive the 2560x1080 resolution but I have not seen a Dual-Link DVI to HDMI cable that can support that resolution.