Question R9 390X Post Issue


Oct 31, 2015
(R9 390X Sapphire Tri-X Cooling, I7-4790k, 16gb ddr3 RAM, msi Z97S SLI Krait Edition) So recently, just browsing the internet, my screen started to randomly flicker with the occasional artifact. Just as I searched up the issue, my screen went to the "Black screen of death". I tried to reboot my pc, but the pc would no longer post. After multiple attempts, the pc booted, only to do the same thing once I got into the sign in screen. After attempting to reboot for another 20 minutes, I got the pc to boot into safe mode. At this point the GPU was making a weird buzzing/humming noise that I've never heard before. I uninstalled the display driver and updated it with the newest one (AMD Adrenalin). I booted up my pc and everything ran fine until 30 minutes of use later, and the exact same thing happened. I figured this was a hardware malfunction at this point. I tried to boot the PC off of dedicated graphics (I7 4790k), but it would still not post. Puzzled, I removed the card from my PC and again tried to boot off of the cpu, and all went well. My question is why didnt dedicated graphics work with the GPU in, but work fine when it was out. Is this normal? And am I going to have to purchase a new card, or has this happened to someone else who has a solution? Any input is greatly appreciated.