R9800NP lite (sapphire's)-what is its timing?


Feb 24, 2003
i started oc'ing and got some good results (324@402).
i now want to start overclocking the memory but i dont know what's its timing as i know that if i divide 1000 in the memory's timing (in nanosec's) i get the maximum freq the memory can work at without a heatsink and/or physical modifications.
i looked at my gfx's memories before i put the heatsinks on them but now i cant remember the timing.
the card is a sapphire radeon9800non pro lite (the black version with the enertron ram)

here are the images:
<A HREF="http://www.hwzone.co.il/community/attachments/IMG_0028.jpg" target="_new">http://www.hwzone.co.il/community/attachments/IMG_0028.jpg</A>
<A HREF="http://www.hwzone.co.il/community/attachments/IMG_0030.jpg" target="_new">http://www.hwzone.co.il/community/attachments/IMG_0030.jpg</A>
<A HREF="http://www.hwzone.co.il/community/attachments/IMG_0034.jpg" target="_new">http://www.hwzone.co.il/community/attachments/IMG_0034.jpg</A>
<A HREF="http://www.hwzone.co.il/community/attachments/IMG_0032.jpg" target="_new">http://www.hwzone.co.il/community/attachments/IMG_0032.jpg</A>

thanks in advance.

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No need to calculate the rated speed as each card will have it's own OC limits and they will differe a little. Just use rage 3d tweak and bump the memory up 5 MHz at a time. Running 3dmark03 as a test. You have to watch it and look for artifacts/tearing. It will be obvious when you have hit your limit. The core gives you grey/black snow, the mem gives you artifacts/ black truangles or lines. Anyway when you see a visual abnomality, then escape the test, turn it down to where you feel safe ( 5MHz for some, 10 MHz or more for others)

For benchmarking, I set mine down 10MHz from where artifacts are seen. But being as I want this card to last for a long time and will move it to a spare machine someday, I game with it 20MHz or more below it's limit. But for some here, that's too conservative. :wink:

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Jan 13, 2003
I am <b>very</b> conservative with my 24/7 memory clock's also, I've done permanent damage in the past from overclocking memory.

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