Radeon 4870 with 400 W psu ?


Sep 30, 2009
Hello . I will to purchase a Brand new Video card ( ati Radeon 4870 ) .
Will my " old " Coolermaster 400W psu do it ?
I am running on a mid end PC :

AMD Athlon X2 4200+ Oc ed to 2.7 GHZ
4x1 GB Transcend DDR2 memory ( 800 Mhz )
Nvidia 8600GT
Biostar NF-560 AM2 motherboard

So the question is that will my Ati work with a 400 W coolermaster Psu ???

I made a PSU calculator , and it showed that i need 341 W at 100% load .

I dont want to buy a new PSU , cuz i live in a *** country ( peoples here arent that rich :( )


You should be ok, I have run a 4870 on a 400w psu before with no issues, and it was a lot worse than any coolermaster. Just dont start running furmark etc 'to test' and i'm sure you'll do fine.