Question Radeon 520 not being accepted

Aug 29, 2020
I recently bought a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 3000 with a Radeon 520 and Core i7-8565U. I have been facing a very annoying problem which I have not been able to solve. The AMD Radeon Software shows that my GPU drivers are up to date and should be working fine. However, anything that requires a GPU does not work. I first noticed the problem when I tried to project my screen to my TV with an HDMI cable. I pressed Win+P and the menu read "This PC can't project to an another screen. Try reinstalling the drivers or using a different video card". Furthermore, all games also gave me a "reinstall GPU drivers" error in some form. I looked up some tutorials and tried the following:

- clean uninstall the drivers with DDU AND AMD Cleanup utility and then reinstall them

- reinstall the drivers with windows defender disabled

- run an SFC scan (no corruption detected)

None of this worked. When I go in Computer Management and go under Display, it shows BOTH Radeon 520 AND Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (I can't find a reference to this situation online. Every "How to Fix" video or guide references the GPU not showing up and only Microsoft Basic Display Adapter showing up.) . When I right click Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and click uninstall, my screen flickers and then Basic Display Adapter disappears from the list, yet the problem still remains. Then, when I restart the computer or "scan for hardware changes" on the Radeon 520, Microsoft Basic Display adapter reappears on the list and my screen flickers again. Throughout all this, the problem still remains. What in the world is going on? Pls Help