Radeon 5450 - VGA Connection Problem


Mar 15, 2012
Hi all!

This is my first post here, after trawling google over and over for a solution to my problem and reading over lots of Eyefinity stuff, i am still none the wiser and really need help.

To cut a long story short...

I have a PC setup consisting of a ASUS M478-AM with the radeon 5450 and its served me beautifully. Connected to the card, is a 42 " Toshiba, in the HDMI slot, and a second 17" display, for working on my desk which was using VGA.

This used to be working great, but about 2 weeks back i removed the vga cable from the second monitor to lend to a friend. When he returned the cable to me later the PC was already on so i just went ahead and stuck it into the montior end, then the graphics card. At the time im pretty sure id forgotten to turn the 17" display off, and i was operating through the 42" HDMI connection.

On connecting the VGA cable back in both my HDMI and VGA displays go black. i believe this is a refresh rate issue? Iv since reinstalled windows 7 and of course my catalyst drives so i know this is not a system fault. The 17" VGA connection works fine when booted up on the moterboards onboard slot.

I dont know what other information you might need but fire away if it helps you help me. Im usually fine at configing stuff and working on computers but this issue has got me really confused.

Thanks for any help

Oh yeah... before this issue, my displays had been configured through windows display (this was because i was having the .NetFramework issues where CCC doesnt open in a new window, so i used windows 7) control panel to set up the 42" tv as an extended display of the 17", which was the main. Like i said though iv since reinstalled windows so dont see this being relevant, but maybe the monitor has been profiled or something?)




I once had a problem like that. all i did was reboot the computer. does your hdmi input work fine when the vga connector is disconnected?

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