Radeon 6790 Idling at about 45-50C


Jul 29, 2011
I got this card 2 months ago. Its a Powercolor 6790 1gb card and since I got it it has been idling at about 42-48C but lately it has gone up 2C. Now I thought it was cus of the airflow but i installed 1 intake in the front and 2 outtakes in the back. That only helped about 2C.

Also my CPU idles at about 55-62C, and I saw another thread with the same case I have and I'm starting to think its the case itself that makes everything, its an Asus CG5270 case. (I can post pics of the inside if that helps).

I ran furmark and the GPU temp went up to 82C and I had to stop it in fear that it would shut down. I really wanna cool down the computer because I want to overclock my card without having to worry about spending more than 1 hour playing before it shuts down.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
82 is on the hot side, but it is not a temperature that will cause the card to shut down. Your GPU temps would have to get up to the mid 90s before you'd get throttling, and automatic shutdown is not likely to occur until you get past 100 degrees. If you are worried about GPU temps, download MSI Afterburner and set a custom fan profile. The one I use is 50% fan speed at 50 degrees and increase it by 10% for every 10 degrees the temperature rises. Upping the fan speed should get your max temp down to the 70s.

Also keep in mind that furmark is an absolute worst case scenario. Few games will push your GPU as hard as furmark will, especially if you use Vsync, which will cap your framerate to 60FPS.

I would be more concerned about the idle temps on your CPU, 55 degrees is way too hot for an idle temperature unless the ambient temp in the room is 40 degrees celsius. Make sure that your CPU cooler is mounted properly, and that thermal paste has been properly applied., even poor airflow won't cause idle temps that high if the cooler is properly mounted. I would hate to see your CPU load temps, if you are running into shutdowns, your CPU overheating is probably the issue.