Radeon 6970 eyefinity 3 moniter setup


Jul 30, 2011
i have been researching how to display my desktop into 3 screens and am still facing the same problem again and again. my system:
-windows 7 ultimate
-3.4ghz Intel 990x
-Radeon 6970 graphics card
-1200w power supply
my moniter setup goes as follows:
<27 inch screen> <26 inch screen> <27 inch screen>
2 screens are connected through DVI ports and the third is connected through a mini display port(dvi adapter)
my Eyefinity only shows that my desktop can extend into 2 screens. it can be a combination of any of the 3 but i don't seem to have the option that connects the 3 together. all 3 are working fine and can display properly.
why doesnt my eyefinity have the option of 3 moniters even tho my graphics card says i can have 6 displays at once.

please dont give me any none sense about my screen size because i can extend from both 27" to the 26". if the 26" was the problem, then i wouldnt be able to connect the with either of the 2 different moniters.


Aug 8, 2011
I know it is a little late to answer this but I will anyway for people googling the same problem. Eyefinity will only work through pretty much any radeon display port if you have an active display port to X cable (x being whatever input you need). I haven't really done a lot of research in it recently but there is an affordable radeon branded active display port to hdmi cable (it us under 30 bucks). For op I would say do that ten convert to dvi or VGA if you must.


Mar 16, 2010
You need an ACTIVE displayport to DVI adapter, not a passive one. An active one actively converts the signal (with the help of additional electricity from your PC) instead of just a passive conversion (where the signal's just converted across the wire). This is required for all eyefinity setups for each monitor beyond the 2nd.

You can buy an Active Displayport > DVI adapter for pretty cheap here: