Radeon 9000 Problem


Apr 11, 2004
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OK, try, try again. I have a desktop set up as a dual boot WinXP Home
and Win98se. I recently installed a Radeon 9000 Pro w/128 MB. I
installed the drivers and software from the CD that came with the card
to both operating systems. WinXP works perfectly.

Win98se fails to install the acceleration functions. I get the
following message.


Graphics bus failure. The display driver has discovered
incompatibilities with your system and is unable to use any
accelerated graphics rendering. Please contact your PC manufacturer or
retailer for further assistance."

Many exchanged E-mails with ATI tech support has not resolved the
problem. Suggestions include, install the latest AGP drivers for the
motherboard chip set, re-install the Win98 OS, install DirectX 9.0b,
re-install DirectX 9.0b. Install Catalyst 4.3, re-install Catalyst
4.3, install Catalyst 3.7, re-install Catalyst 3.7, etc. All of these
suggestions have been followed several times.

Since everything works perfectly on the WinXP system, I have to
conclude that all of the hardware is OK and the BIOS is set up
properly. It seems to me that the Win98se drivers are faulty and this
ATI video card will not work in my system under Win98se.

Any suggestions or insight will be appreciated.

Regards, hawk


Apr 2, 2004
Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati (More info?)

Simple. Win98se is probably one of the worst OSes
there is. You are sure to get hacked since you have
absolutely no passwd protection, plus Win98 is well
known for running everything in software. There are
no video hardware drivers for W98. The only possible
reason for running dual boot is that you think that XP
will not run some of your old software .. scanner,
camera stuff ... but it most certainly will in compatibility
mode. I've been through all of this, so I know about it.
Regards any game issues you might be having in XP
..... download the Catalyst driver 4.5, and all of that
will go away. Dual boot is old stuff now. Better is
WinXP on a big drive split C ( 60 gig ) .. D( 100 gig )
with DriveImage2002 to maintain a disk image of
C on D for recovery purposes and backup. My 9000
is really doing well under this setup .. AND .. I have
all the DOS Dooms running under Jdoom even better
than when they were new. Toss W98.