RADEON 9200SE - Resource Conflict (Code 12)


Dec 25, 2003
Hiya guys, I'm new here!

Well I have the following problem... In the device manager there is a yellow warning sign icon on my brand new RADEON 9200. I clicked on it twice and it said to go to Hardware Conflict Troubleshooter in Help code 12 (Resource conflicts). The Windows H.C. Troubleshooter couldnt help me. I took a screenshot of the "Resource Conflict" window, in hope that it would help you to solve my problem. It can be found here: http://members.chello.at/sladdi/ressourcen.JPG

I have the following system:
Pentium III 800MHz
256 MB RAM
VIA Mainboard 82C691 rev 194
3Com Network Ethernet card
Creative AudioPCI sound
OS: Windows XP 5.1
Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG (Date 04/06/00)

Some VgaSave driver had taken the RADEON's place. If I turn off the VgaSave and re-install the ATI drivers, it gives me a black screen (but the usual Windows sound works) and I have to re-install Windows all over.

I re-installed Windows twice today, I also installed the latest 4in1 drivers for the chipset, I tried to solve this problem with plugging the network card intro a lower PCI slot, I also downloaded the most recent drivers for the RADEON 9200, but I had no luck so far.

I would appreciate any help!!!!

Best regards.
Zlatko Keno


Jan 25, 2003
try to do a clean install of windows with ONLY 9200SE installed, then see if you still get problem, if not, install other parts (network card, sound card etc) one by one, see which is having conflict with 9200SE