Radeon 9200se stalls win 2000 log in


Nov 2, 2003
hello there, i recently got a serial ata hardrive and 256 dual channel ram for my computer.

i installed a fresh copy of windows 2000 advanced server and everything works fine up the point where i install the drivers for the radeon 9200se, it asks me to restart but then it just stalls at login screen after i type in the password, either that or it goes back to the login prompt ( so i have to put in my password again).

After that i have to remove the drivers in safe mode so i can get back in normally(but without any graphic drivers).

I sort of found a way around it, which is a HUGE PAIN, i found out i can install the drivers using the hardware wizard, that doesnt ask me to restart, they install fine and the computer works great, but if i have to restart it all happens all over again.

have tried several versions of the drivers, they all do the same.

me configuration is:
512 dual channel ram
win 2k advanced server
p4 2.6
asus p4c800 motherboard

any info would be appreciated