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Dec 11, 2003
I'm in the market for a new video card. I'm a gamer looking for something in the $150 range. I've found a sapphire 9600pro on gogocity.com and was wondering if anyone might have some information on the sapphire cards and any problems they might have, ie, if it's worth my time. I also found a 9600pro EZ on www.hoct.com I'm not familiar with the EZ version of the radeon, I believe it's an ATI card. both have 128 MB ram. I appreciate any help you might have for me.

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Dec 31, 2007
Sapphire makes good cards that tend be to reliable. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a sapphire at all. Powercolor on the other hand.... I've purchased one of those. And, out of those, zero have worked.

Sapphire puts a bunch of different memory on their Atlantis R9600pro regular edition cards. If you are not overclocking then it's a fine product, and support is usually good. If you are overclocking then you may get anything from 2.86ns Samsung to 3.6ns samsung and everything in between, including hynix, infineon, and entron tech memory. So you may want to try and ensure you're getting what you expect. The Fireblade edition of the Sapphires has guaranteed oc speeds, which ensures 2.86ns samsung memory modules.

The EZ version usually is a Pro speed core with TSOP memory running 100mhz (200mhzDDR) slower than the true R9600pros. It's better than a non pro, but just barely (same speed memory).

ATI doesn't make any of the EZ cards, it's gotta be an OEM partner. I think it's part of the 'boutique' naming scheme of Powercolor like was pointed out earlier, in which case Sapphire is a better oem-partner and a better choice IMO.

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The Pro is a good card. The Pro Light is a good card. The Pro EZ is a lesser card.

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Sep 24, 2003
well powercolour aint that bad to me i think. i bought the bravo edition R9600pro and i got the 2.86ns memory... its working fine now... overclocked it to 420/690... not giving me any problems... i guess im lucky or smthing haha.

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