Radeon 9800 Pro Broken or not


Oct 25, 2003
I posted a thread a while ago regarding some graphic errors, and poor preformance i had om my Radeon 9800 pro. i was getting around 35000 Points in aquamark, and in some places i got "jurkie" rendering without FPS drop.

a link to my other Thread for a more specific details:

the conclution i got to was that my card was the 128 Bit version, cos it is the Atlantis version.

but I was allso told, that I could use the test program Everest to show the info,and it told me that i have a 256 Bit mem interface.

now the question is. is the program bugged and is there another program so i can confirm it, or is my Radeon f'ked

system spec :
MSI KT6 Delta FSIR Via chipset.
Athlon 2600+ (2130MHz)
2*512 MB Simpletech DDR Ram CL2.5 333 MHz
Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB ram
Soundblaster audigy 2 ZS
200GB Maxtor Fluid Sata HDD 8MB cache

All driver is up to date.
all firmware is up to date.

Thx in advance.


Oct 1, 2003
Hello Optimist,

I remember following your earlier post, and have reviewed to refresh. Several things:

1) I didn't see that you had a done a clean install of your OS when installing the card. I also see where you had mentioned having a Ti 4200. If the nVidia card was in the system b4 you installed the 9800 pro, you may have nvidia driver fragments remaining and they frequently cause problems when switching to another card (nVidia apparantly has a bad uninstaller proggie). Most people must use Driver Cleaner or Driver Detonator programs (free for d/l, just google) to clear-out the old nvidia fragments and get good performance from their new card.

If it wasn't a clean install of OS and you did not run one of these two programs, try that.

2) Here's a link I hunted up which address how to tell the difference between the 128 bit and 256 bit. Not familiar with the program Everest, so I looked for another route. See here <A HREF="http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33764552&highlight=9800+pro+128+bit" target="_new">http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33764552&highlight=9800+pro+128+bit</A>.

Of particular interest, besides other proggies mentioned, is the differnt ram layout between the two models. It's the fourth post down IIRC. Pull your card, refer to ram layout and you can visually confirm whether or not you have the 128 bit model.

If it's the 256 bit, and you have tried all steps to-date, including that mentioned in item #1 above, then RMA it if it doesn't perform.

If it's the 128 bit model, exchange for the 256 model

Good Luck with it.

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Oct 25, 2003
hmm well i cant rember saying i had a TI4200, never had one of thoes :), sry if had given the impression that i have.
well ive found out that i have the 256Bit version, but im still a bit unsure on the preformance issue. i need something to compair with. well i kinda think this is a minor problem, but im a perfectionist and i kinda like that my things are working to thiere best, or i want to know whats wrong with them, like the "jitter" i get.

Im able to play a DVD movie on one monitor while playing a game in 1280x1024, like City of heros or aquanox, all details on the other monitor with out much lag.


Mar 25, 2004
You have dual monitors hooked up?>
Did you happen to run aquamark with both monitors on?

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Oct 25, 2003
i have tested it both with and without both monitors, the preformance increes i get when i disable the other monitore is like 300 - 500 points, but the "jerky" display is still there.