Radeon 9800Pro 256 mb....


Feb 25, 2004
Well, its time to upgrade my video card. I currently have a P4 2.6c@3.1, P4C800 Del. mb, 512mb ocz DDR533 and a good old GF4Ti4400. But the GF4 just doesn't cut it since it is a DX8 card. I'm looking at teh 9800 p's right now, i have about $300. I know that the 128's run just as fast as the 256's right now, but i don't think they will in the future when games can use 256mb. I would like your opinion on how much you believe it will have an affect on those games. I can get a Asus 9800Pro256mb(asus more expensive but i like the features and extras it comes with and its pretty) for $335 or a BBATI/Saphire 9800Pro128 for $215. If anybody has any suggestions i'd appreciat another opinion. Thanks.

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256 mb won't give you speed... (with the exception of slightly faster AA at ungodly high resolutions) but what it *will* give you is the ability to see higher-resolution texture sets.

the first games with 128 mb texture sets have been released recently. Games that have 256mb texture sets are on the verge of being made ( I think theres one in existance right now). But remember, new games will support 64 meg cards with lower-res texture sets for some time to come. Hell, most new games support 32 meg texture sets still.

Having said that, if you plan to buy a new card, you should wait a couple months until they release the new batch of games (Doom3 and HL2) and the new video cards (R420 and NV45). That'll drive all the prices down.

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