Radeon 9800XT = 1.5V?


Mar 11, 2004
I've been looking at getting this card:

One thing I haven't been able to verify, however, is whether it is 1.5V or not. When I got my motherboard, it said that the AGP card must be 1.5V, or else the mobo could be permanently damaged.

Any suggestions? Newegg just referred me to Sapphire; I posted on their forum, but I'm not sure how active it is.




Former Staff
Multi-Speed cards are capable of running the required voltage for their AGP standards.

AGP 4x is from the 2.0 standard and uses 1.5v
AGP 8x is from the 3.0 standard and uses 0.8v
The Radeon 9800XT is 4x/8x compatable, it switches signal voltage by detecting what slot it's in.

The reason your board maker issues that statement is because some transitional cards a LONG time ago claimed to be AGP4x, but used the AGP 2x (1.0) 3.3v signal. Those OLD cards are the ONLY ones that can damage your board.

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