Radeon 9900 taped out


Apr 16, 2003
mrr... nVidia makes ULTRAs, ATi makes PROs.

Also that site is NOT known for being extremely timely and accurate as a general rule... but in this case I am inclined to believe that ATi has another card ready to rock n roll. Shrug, Realistically though, this is *still* part of the current generation of cards, the real fight will come when ATi and nVidia release the next series of cards (NV4x and R4xx). Who cares anything else about this generation of cards? A 9700 Pro is more than adaquete for anything currently available. A 9800 Pro and 5900 Ultra are both ass kick'az. Both companies should quick dicking with the current lines and put their full attention on the next generation. Increasing performance of pixel shaders, increasing memory bandwidth, etc...

Actually the Inquirer is pretty good (I have them bookmarked for new stuff from EVERYWHERE). The problem is they report EVERYTHING they get and maybe only 95+% of it is true, and then of that 95% only about 80+% of that ever does go to completion (they usually say expected, or plans, or road map, etc). So it looks like they are blowing smoke but it just may be that the companies decide to go in a different direction. A good site for 'investment speculation' and crystal ball gazing info. But not for 'proof'. Just like the rumours of an R9800MAXX/ProMAXX. Seemed nice on paper, and MAY have been reality if the FX5900U's had had a HUGE gain over the R9800s. Since that didn't happen that may have aborted something that was actually ready to go as a quick/hurried/knee-jerk response. We may never know.

The <A HREF="http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10544" target="_new">Link</A> made clickable:<A HREF="http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10544" target="_new">http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10544</A>

The funny thing about 'ULTRA' it's actually used by Gigacube for their R9600 series. An ATI9600non-pro with 256mb = Gigacube R9600Pro, and Ati R9600Pro = Gigacube R9600Ultra
Freakin annoying for anyone stuck with their crap 'pro'. Oooh but it's got 256mb! Gotta be better! Alot of people were fooled into thinking this was an upgrade R9600Pro, much to their disappointment.

I agree with your forward looking idea, forget about the R9800ProPlus or FX5900URev.2, I want my R420/RV380 now! Now! NOW! :cool:

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