Jan 30, 2004
My screen is confused all the time and I think that the problem is in graphics card. For example: when I move icon on a desktop, it leaves red and blue lines before it. The same problem is on system startup also, and in the bios. My graphics card is Club3d Radeon 9200 128mb.
How can I update my graphics cards bios?
Is it possible that the g.cards bios is corrupted or something like that?
Please tell me if you got any idea about solving the problem.
(The problem cannot be on a monitor because i tried with another monitor and there was the same problem)
It wouldn't be the graphics card bios straight out of the box. If you are having problems right out of the box, return the card before attempting a flash.

Have you tried re-seating the card? I've heard of this kind of thing with a poor connection/install.

Also check your mobo BIOS and make sure that all the settings and voltages are where they should be.

Other than that try another card in the same mobo and see if the problem is related to the system itself.

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