Radeon CROSSFIRE bridge, Please help!


Jun 29, 2008
After searching the web for hours, reading ati's site and manuals I still need help with this:
What is the correct way to link 2x hd 4850 ati cards? Do you use 2 bridge connectors like shown in my motherboard manual photo? Or 1 connector as shown in many online pics. Does it matter which way the connector faces? The bridge has the words: DIP -> pointing to one of the nodes, does this node have to land on a specific card? My crossfire compliant motherboard(MSI K9A2 Platinum) manual mentions a "crossfire edition" card as being the "main" card while the second card is referred to as the "crossfire ready" card. Even with these distinctions made there is no explanation of how to "set" these identical cards in these modes nor any instructions on which card the DIP node of the bridge connector should face? I am guessing that all this just does'nt matter and I can plug it in anyway I want but can anyone shed light on this as I want to take full advantage for the crossfire. Thanks in advance!
So you have 2 connectors, why are you not putting them both on?
Saving one for later?

Put them both on if you have them (some don't come with them, that's why 'crossfire ready'), and then go into the control panel after reboot and then you can set the Xfire mode.


Jun 29, 2008
Yes I have 2 connectors but there are conflicting posts about using 1 or 2 and even in what position that 1 should be in, I am looking for answers from people who have experience with these cards. I've seen benchmark tests done with both in place vs 1 in place and there was a very small difference so it doesn't seem to matter. My new problem now is that vista wont even recognize either card even after I installed the catalyst drivers from the cd. Do you have these cards and working in crossfire mode? If so does the placement of the node matter? ie the node marked dip? do you have 2 identical cards? are they set in master/slave mode somehow?
Don't read reviews, RTFM page 2-21 !!

And use the Xfire cable that came with your MoBo if you didn't throw it out or lose it already.

Seriously why did you both with Xfire, it doesn't sound like the solution for you? Return thm and get a single HD4870/GTX260/GTX280 or wait for an HD4870X2, because this sounds like something you're not ready for.


Sep 14, 2009

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