Radeon HD 5850 bottlneck




I recently purchased a radeon 5850 and I think it may be bottlenecking as it has a tendancy to stutter and lag when playing some graphicly intensive games (GTA IV, MW2, starcraft 2 etc) on high at 1440x900. It seems to be especially prevalent when the game first loads. From what I read about the 5850 this should not be the case? So I'm thinking it is bottlenecking somewhere. I may have read that the BIOS of the P5Q could be bottlenecking (again I'm no expert), but am a little apprehensive to update them as I've been told to only update them if I'm having problems (which I'm not sure is the case). From what I could gather my PSU is fine, however I guess I could get another couple of gig of RAM. So I don't know if something is wrong of if I'm just expecting too much. I

Here's my system specs.

Windows Vista Home premium 64 bit
Asus P5Q motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad LGA775 Q6600 2.40GHz
Radeon HD 5850
2GB Corsair PC2-6400C4 DDR2 Dual Channel Kit
Corsair HX 520W ATX Modular SLI Compliant PSU
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB SATA-II 16MB Cache

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Add another 2GB of RAM would help you a lot, so the config would be 2+2GB running on dual channels...

OC your CPU a little bit, see if that help...

Last, update your card driver with the latest one, download it from ATI site:


Hello and welcome to the forums
Like wa1 said, upgrading to 4GB will definitely help.
Also since you play at a low resolution, OC'ng your CPU will give you a good boost in performance.


Thanks guys. I'll look at getting a 2x2Gb sticks of RAM, also my graphics drivers are up to date. Must admit I have literally 0 experience overclocking, how easy is it to do and how easy is it to screw up :)



Mar 6, 2010
then i think that the driver is causing the problems, ati driver got a lot of problems with some game,
eg, dirt 2 and etc....
of coz u can upgrade to 4G ram, it will be better
but from ur spec, i dun think there is any bottleneck :)
Overclocking is pretty straight forward these days and you have a decent board in the P5Q. Definatly get the Ram and then get over to the CPU/Overclocking section of the forums if you need advice on OCing a CPU.
Personally i dont mind but this is teh graphics and Displays section so really you should ask in teh correct section. There are planty of online guides.


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