Oct 24, 2011
I recently bought an Asus Radeon HD 6770 graphics card to replace my nVidia 8800 GS card. I downloaded and installed the full Catalyst suite of software (which includes the latest driver). I have a couple of problems.

1. My PC struggles to boot with this card installed. When I try to boot the PC makes several attempts before it springs into life. The screen remains black during this time and the PC continually appears to reset before it eventually starts the boot process. This takes around 30-90 seconds. This happens when it awakes from sleep and well as cold boot. Oddly, if I press and hold the power button during this period, it then starts (it does not actually reboot, it just refuses to start/restart smoothly). I am using a 500W power supply with a 6 pin graphics power cord.

2. My other problem is fonts. My PC looks fine in Windows and Word but looks crap in my browser (any browser) and some apps such as Second Life. The fonts are readable but look ugly and washed out. I was beginning to think that the Radeon fonts were just ugly compared to nVidia but the other day they suddently looked good before reverting to the usual washed out look.

I've no idea how to fix these problems. Someone suggested removing Catalyst and only installing the drivers. Would that help? Or a clean install of the OS? I had this problem in Windows 7 and now running WIndows 8 (no difference).

First you should do is uninstall nvidia drivers compleatly (ati and nvidia are not friendly).
Second, you mention a 500W PSU, but not model or other componenets in your computer. Its hardly the problem, but its worth taking a look into it.


Aug 11, 2011

Try using your new card on your friends machine to ensure its not the cards fault. If the card works fine on other machine then check your PC's RAM and ensure its working stable. Also what brand is your PSU ? watts doesn't matter quality matters if the PSU is weak the said problems may occur. You should also do a clean install of Window 7 and update it, download the latest GPU driver, Sound driver, update your systems BIOS. These steps most probably solve your issues........

Happy Gaming...........