Radeon HD 6970, 7870, or GTX 660Ti



Hello guys,
I'm building a budget gaming system with spare parts for my friend as a birthday present. He doesn't play any demanding titles, but wants a card that won't bottleneck his processor. I've narrowed the choices down to a Radeon HD 6970, 7870, or a GTX 660ti. He mostly plays games like Assassins Creed Black Flag, The Sims 3 & 4, Borderlands 2, Deadspace 3, and Alien Isolation. His cpu is an AMD Phenom II x6 1035t, with a 500 watt power supply and 6 gigs of DDR3 ram. I'm staring at these three cards currently in my possession and don't Which one should I go with? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
They aren't releasing updated drivers for the 6970 anymore, so any use involving 'modern titles' should disqualify that card right there. I think the 660 Ti and 7870 are close enough in performance that it really doesn't matter which one you choose between those two. If one card gets you 88fps, and the other gets you 80fps, and you are using a 60hz monitor, will you notice a difference? No.

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