Radeon HD 6970 CrossFire, cooling required?


Sep 30, 2011
I've decided to build myself a new PC but I'm having a really hard time deciding which graphics card to get. It seems the HD 6970 is a pretty formidable card, especially in a CrossFire setup. I've been doing some research though and the HD 6970 is apparently a pretty hot running card, especially in a CrossFire setup since there usually isn't enough space between the cards for decent airflow to get through. So I have a few questions about the HD 6970:

Will I be needing a case with really good airflow? Must I therefore avoid especially silent cases?

Will I need to buy a bunch of extra fans, and if so, were on the case will they be needed (Currently thinking of using a Fractal Design Define XL USB 3.0)? Is there even a point to run these cards in CrossFire without water cooling?

Are there manufacturers that sell extra thin 6970's or socket 1155 motherboards with handsomely spaced PCI-e slots for a decent price?

Also, what wattage is recommended for a 6970 SLI setup?
your first answer -

yeah 2 6970 will produce some heat but good cards such as msi twinfrozer versions are cool n quiet.asus and gigabyte are also good choices.

second answer-

yes you need a good case with good airflow.BTW if you want something really silent than get a 800d and liquid cool it.just kidding man!@!@!@!

third answer -

you can also upgrade your case fans for better airflow

fourth answer -

asus sabertooth is a good choice (IMO) known fir its thermal something airflow..

fifth answer -

a good 850w is more than enough for 2 6970s.coolermaster silent pro and corsair
enthusiast are good ones in my opinion.

sorry to be late.what is your fair price?
NXZT phantom @$120
Azza hurricane @$140
Coolermaster HAF 932 @ $140
INWIN Dragon @$140
Antec DF 85 @$140(may be the best IMO)

its your choice now.
phantoms and hurricanes are new but very good.
Dragon and DF 85 have also got some really good reviews.
932 is the winner i think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sep 30, 2011
I probably should have specified what I meant by fair price; Lower then 150$.

I've looked at a few of your recommendations, and so far they all look like good cases. I'm leaning towards the NXZT Phantom though, seems like it has very nice airflow and as a bonus, it looks really slick. I'll be sure to look at the other cases you recommended though.
personally I think the Phantom will be my next case.... Currently I have a Coolermaster storm scout and am pleased with it...

Also you need to consider getting a motherboard with good distance between pci-e lanes and also Id go for the MSI TF III/II or ASUS DC2 versions of whatever card you get, for the money id get dual 6950s and overclock them
also I do not like the azza hurricane for several reasons and I think the 932/ and antec df 85 are also formidable choices along with the phantom so really it comes down to personal preference

sometimes the HAFX goes on sale @ around 150... if you see a smokin deal like that id jump on it