Question Radeon Pro WX 7100 Questions


Apr 24, 2021
TLDR Question: I am fully aware that workstation graphics cards are by no means suggested for gaming, but I have been unable to find specifics about what it can or cannot do or run if gaming is by far your secondary use case. If there is anyone - especially current users of the Radeon Pro WX 7100 - that has experience attempting to do side gaming on one, I would love to hear some specifics about what kind of performance / settings / FPS it managed on some games. I am considering a data science work-from-home build with that and a Ryzen 7 5800x, and want to know exactly how bad it would be for side gaming.

Longer Explanation:

Hey ya'll, I'm a recent grad who is starting up a position as a "Data Analyst" in the next few weeks (a rather vague title when it comes down to it, in my opinion), and due to the timing of it all, my previous computer, which I built to last me through my education, just died. So I am taking the timely opportunity to build myself a new one. When I built my previous computer, I was more into gaming than I am now, and it ended up doing absolutely everything I ever wanted to at full or close to full settings.

The brief specs on it (I can provide more on it if needed later), were a Radeon R9 390, i5-6600k, 32gb of Ram, and a small main SSD for the operating system, in the last year or so, most of the games I ran were Genshin Impact, MHW, the the FFXIV MMO. The computer worked great for those, but both the GPU and Motherboard died within the last month, solidifying my need to build a new one.

Right now, I as I am planning my new build, which will do both my work from home (At the very least until lockdowns and quasi-lockdowns end, but possibly much longer) and and very light gaming. Because of the current price gouging, I am wincing heavily at buying a GPU at two or three (or more) times the MSRP, and am heavily considering getting a workstation GPU instead because of the other work I need to do, and then not being as gouged (they have seen a slight price increase, but its generally "Back up closer to MSRP" not any worse).

My specific use cases at the moment are:

Data Science (which is nebulous) - I still don't have the most specifics for the position (I just got the offer), but in the past I have done a lot of large matrix calculations, minimization / curve fitting, large dataset operations, large monte carlo simulations, and I want to be ready for neural net and machine learning projects. So far I had been able to do all of those on my previous build without anything workstation oriented, but it was obvious that I was pushing the limits of my setup, so for my new build I want to be prepared to do more, and I know that at least some of those types of projects can be done using GPU hardware in addition to CPU.

Light gaming - My current main games (That actually require any graphics) have been Genshin Impact, FFXIV, Hades, and MHW. I don't feel the need to be able to play every brand new game flawlessly, or even close to that, but if there are any new games I get into, or my friends drag me into, I would like the option to be able to play them on a 1080x1920 monitor with 40+ FPS on medium to high (But not necessarily Ultra or similar settings ).

The current prospective build I have because of my budget is based around a Ryzen 7 5800x and the Radeon Pro WX 7100, along with 32 or 64gb of ram, and a M.2 SSD.

If anyone has any experience doing light gaming on that workstation graphics card, or similarly powerful ones, I would really appreciate hearing it. I have done quite a few hours of research since previous computer died, and I got the job offer, but most of what I found was short, and didn't have specifics. It was a bit of an even split between people saying "Never buy these for gaming" and "This was powerful enough to do some side gaming" but they never had any exact numbers or examples, which would really help me with the decision I need to make.